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sale softwareRetail POSAccept all payment methods and provide a safe checkout.

As an apparel retailer, you expect a solid system that can keep up with your sales and returns while adjusting stock levels in realtime. Lightspeed makes purchasing from your vendors easy, and managing your product variants even easier.Learn more

Get all the data you need to make confident decisions.

Our best stories are about our customers because bottom line, when youre successful, that means we are too.

Keep your customers coming back without lifting a finger.

Track unit costs, dusty inventory data, and get lowstock alerts

Due to the nature of your business, being flexible is what keeps you competitive. Our POS lets you process special orders, layaways, deposits, store credit and product repairs. You can even categorize your customers by their sport of choice.Learn more

Well help you set everything up. Well train you and then well also help train your staff. Well keep innovating so you can keep crushing your goals. Well be there to answer questions during peak hours, and well even be there at A.M. when youre up working late.

Get full control of all your locations, without any headaches.

Your inventory can be difficult to manage the hundreds, if not thousands, of unique items you carry need to be handled with care. Our customizable tags and product categories let you find your items st and help you make the perfect suggestion in seconds.Learn more

Whether you have questions about compatibility or need advice on purchasing a specific item, our retail pros have your back. Start from scratch or complete your existing set with our topquality gear tailored to your needs.

Customize your POS into the money machine of your dreams.

The relationships you build with your customers and their pets is what sets you apart. Make that easier to manage with a POS that tracks anything you want it to. Instantly find what breed they own, what their pets name is, or even what food brand they buy.Learn more

in bike shops use Lightspeed because it has all the features needed specifically by bike retailers already builtin. Choose from thousands of preloaded catalog items, add serial numbers to your stock, and even manage your work orders at no extra cost.Learn more

Centralize purchasing and save time by ordering from integrated catalogs

Hit two birds with one stone by integrating your retail POS to our eCommerce platform so you never miss a sale. Centralize your inventory, sales, and reports on a single SEOoptimized backend with builtin mobile responsiveness. Our easytouse templates will have you wondering why you havent done this sooner.

Sell bundled, serialized or unique items and easily manage multiple variations

Sell work from anywhere, at anytime, on any device.

As a vape business owner, youre constantly tailoring your offering to each customer that walks in. Lightspeed lets you tag your items per manucturer or to make onthespot suggestions, and set up your ejuice according to volume, potency and flavor in half the time.Learn more

As an electronics retailer, your business depends on customer loyalty. Our customer accounts keep track of your customers purchase history and allow you to retarget them with personalized messaging without breaking a sweat.Learn more

Your customers research online but come in store to buy, which means an efficient instore experience is crucial. Save tons of time by tracking customer quotes in the same system you conduct sales with so you always deliver exactly what you promised.Learn more